About health, safety and environmental management

Maintaining the health of human resources, preventing accidents, sustainable development and improving the level of productivity are the most important goals of HSE management of the National Petrochemical Company. Attention to HSE issues is one of the public responsibilities of the company and in this regard, according to the organizational mission, it seeks to eliminate all accidents and adverse effects on people, the environment and facilities by creating safe and pollution-free working environments and ensure production of high quality items by improving processes.


Growth in number of PSSR permits issued compared to calendar year of 1399


Compliance with Firefighting Standards


Share of Petrochemical Industry in Greenhouse Emissions


Realized Petrochemical Industry Greenery Projects

Main HSE management topics

History of Petrochemical Industry in Iran

  • Establishment of the Chemical Company and implementation of the construction plan of Marvdasht Fars Chemical Fertilizer Plant
  • Establishment of the National Petrochemical Company with government ownership and under the auspices of the National Iranian Oil Company
  • The birth of the petrochemical industry Development of the petrochemical industry in the form of three development plans: construction of Razi (Shahpour), Abadan, Pazargad, Ahvaz Carbon (Iran), Kharg, Farabi (Iran Nippon) petrochemical complexes, and Shiraz and Bandar Emam (Iran- Japan) petrochemical development projects
  • Stagnation until resumption of petrochemical activities (completion of some semi-finished projects and reconstruction of war-damaged complexes) Re-emergence of the petrochemical industry: Completion of some semi-finished projects, implementation of the first 5-year plan and reconstruction of war-damaged complexes - Completion and operation of a number of basic projects: Exploitation of projects such as Razi ammonium phosphate (1990), the first Shiraz methanol (1990), Bandar Imam (1994-1990), Isfahan (1992), the first phase of Arak (1993) and Ahvaz industrial soot (1994) petrochemical projects.
  • Implementation of the second five-year plan of the National Petrochemical Company with the aim of increasing profitability, enhanced exports, expanding privatization and increasing output and product diversity with special and new products Start of the first golden period of petrochemical industry and implementation of various petrochemical projects (first leap) - Implementation of the third five-year development plan of the National Petrochemical Company - Privatization of the petrochemical industry and transformation of the National Petrochemical Company into a supervisory governing body Continuation of the first-leap plans - implementation of the third five-year development plan of the National Petrochemical Company
  • Start of the fourth five-year development plan of the National Petrochemical Company The second leap of the petrochemical industry (including 45 petrochemical projects) - Continuation and implementation of the fourth and fifth five-year development plans of the National Petrochemical Company